SPEAK DIRECTLY TO GIL THE OWNER call from USA 818.213.6589 or From Mexico 322.180.0597

HABLE DIRECTAMENTE AL DUEÑO GIL. LLAME DESDE DE USA 818.213.6589 o Desde México 322.180.0597

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WHALE, HELLO THERE! It’s Whale Watching Season. Where is everyone?!

The whales season tours are included in all boats and to all destinations.

Plan to see lots of humpback whales, dolphins and other amazing wild animals playing, dancing and performing for our Locca Girl guests along the way. The whale season runs from December 8 to March 31. The dolphins are with us all year. Our experienced team will narrate your experience and share with you the history of our beautiful Banderas Bay.

Every year, over 1,500 members of us whales migrate 6,000 miles from the cold Bering and Chukchi waters near Alaska to the warm Pacific waters off the coast of Mexico.

I’m ready to relax, swim in the sun and do a little people watching , and there are no better humans to hang with than the my friends at Chica Locca Tours.

Gil and his crew, really know how to have fun while keeping the bay clean and beautiful for me and my family. So come watch me and my other whale friends on a Chica Locca Eco Friendly Adventure that you will never forget.

You can see me and my friends on ALL Chica Locca Tours from December 8th thru the end of March.

I’m whaling to say hola!

Chica Locca Tours offers two types of tours.

A variety of OPEN TOURS you can select from or a PRIVATE TOUR specifically designed to your needs. Please contact us and let us know which tour you would prefer.

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