SPEAK DIRECTLY TO GIL THE OWNER call from USA 818.213.6589 or From Mexico 322.180.0597

HABLE DIRECTAMENTE AL DUEÑO GIL. LLAME DESDE DE USA 818.213.6589 o Desde México 322.180.0597

Tours Waiver

I understand that the purpose of this document is to give every passenger the information required for snorkeling in the Marietas Islands.  These islands are a Mexican National Protected Nature Preserve and I understand that NOTHING can be destroyed or taken from the Preserve. I also understand there are many sharp rocks and sea urchins throughout the area that can harm me if touched.  Please stay close to your guides and have a great time!  The Marietas Islands are rated the top 100 most beautiful places in the world.

I understand there are inherent risks involved with snorkeling and boating.

I understand I’m responsible for myself during my entire Chica Locca® Tour.

I understand I have a duty to exercise reasonable care and caution for my own safety and I agree to do so.

I understand that I’m physically fit to ride on a boat and participate in certain water activities that I choose during my Chica Locca® Tour.

I understand that Chica Locca® has no medical facilities and only first aid is available, and that in the event of serious illness or injury, medical care will be summoned by radio and treatment will be delayed until I can be transported to a proper medical facility.

I understand that if at any time a problem or situation arises that could cause potential harm to me or another passenger, I will bring it up to the Chica Locca® Staff immediately.

I grant Chica Locca® permission to photograph and film me on my tour and thereafter to use the photographs in whole or in part without restriction anywhere, in any medium, for any purpose and altered in any way.

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