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Sayulita, Mexico Destination

Sayulita, Mexico is a small fishing village about 35 Kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta crossing into the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Its population is about 4000 but grows to over 10,000 during the tourist season.

Sayulita was established in 1941 when the first families arrived from the mountains of Jalisco and from there the town of Sayulita was born. Since then more and more families found this little village a piece of paradise.

First thing about Sayulita, is it’s very easy to get around – local Taxis and bikes to rent are everywhere, and you can pretty much walk to wherever you like.

Sayulita is off the beaten path and has tremendous growth and now is home to many Canadians and Americans. It is also home to many of the indigenous Indian tribes of the Huichol. They even have a Huichol center for cultural survival which displays artifacts and art made the members of the Huichol tribe.

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